This weekend, the first of our scheduled teaching events is happening, a colored pencil class offered by Elena Maza. It is exciting to hear voices in the classroom and see beautiful art being made! It feels like I should be breaking a bottle of champagne on something to celebrate but let’s just pretend I did, because that is too big a mess to want to clean up.

February has a full roster of class offerings. Elena is offering four weekly classes of Botanicals in Watercolor. On Thursday, the first of Armand Cabrera’s February Keys to Better Painting classes begins, with almost all seats filled. Later in the month, I am offering a Sketched Postcards class and Open Studio session. Jan Settle is offering Basics of Acrylic Pouring this month as well.  And March is shaping up with even more classes.

Please check our Schedule of Events to see what else is on offer. Every month we’ll offer a diverse collection of classes and workshops for creatives of all experience levels. I hope you’ll stop by to visit us when you’re in Sperryville to see what a great classroom we have … everyone who visits says the same thing: “I love the vibe in here!”

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