River landscape in color pencils

River Bend, colored pencils on Bristol paper, 9″ h x 12″w.

On Feb. 1 & 2 I had the honor to teach the very first class at Gallery 3. My workshop on Landscapes in Colored Pencils was scheduled for these dates. I had only one student signed up, which wasn’t really enough, but decided to go ahead and hold the workshop anyway, just to try out the new place and get the ball rolling.

My student was a delightful lady of Japanese origin, who is married to an American, and already had considerable artistic skills. This unique situation gave me plenty of time to develop my own piece, which I normally use to demonstrate the techniques in the workshop. I had neglected to check on the paper supply in my portfolio case beforehand, and when I got there, found I only had one quarter sheet of Fabriano Artistico–my preferred medium for color pencils. I gave that to my student, and ended up using a piece of Bristol paper from a pad for my own demo piece.

It was a challenge using this smooth, rather slippery surface, and it took quite a bit of time and effort to build up the colors, but the scene–based on an old photo of the Potomac River taken one spring years before–was so evocative, I was determined to make it work. After the workshop was over, I continued working on it at home, and was surprisingly pleased with it. Here is the finished piece.

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