At Gallery 3, we offer a member instructor program which is limited to four instructors.

  • G3 instructors are independent contractors who decide what to teach, when to teach, and how much to charge.
  • Member instructors pay $150 a month to use to our well-equipped classroom. Even a casual teaching schedule of private students and scheduled teaching events can easily earn much more than that per month.
  • Each instructor gets a fixed number of dedicated time blocks that are exclusively theirs on an ongoing basis, which makes it easy to plan classes without the worry of schedule conflicts. Instructors can also reserve non-dedicated time blocks on a first-come, first served basis.
  • G3 promotes our instructors’ teaching events and professional offerings on our Web site, Facebook, and Instagram. We publish a monthly email newsletter, send frequent email announcements, and do outreach to local news outlets and groups of artists and others prospective students. This promotion is intended to help fill classes and attract private students.
  • G3 handles the admin side of managing class registration and payment, coordinating rescheduling and refunds in unforeseen circumstances, and communications with students. Instructors are paid out for a class or workshop at the start of each event, less a 15% admin services fee on the amount collected for that class. That fee is not applicable to private lessons, which instructors schedule and collect money for directly.
  • G3 offers a monthly planning and professional development meeting for our instructors which focuses on brainstorming and guidance in improving their instructional content, facilitation skills, and student signups.

If you are interested in becoming a G3 instructor, please contact Carole Pivarnik, Teaching Studio Manager.